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instalation of pvc_panels_on_ceiling

Hello dear visitor of our website. In this article, we will learn to make false ceiling PVC panels. To do this, we need the following tools: preforator, hammer, building knife, water level, construction tape. PVC panels, mounted on a frame made by, or profiles metal or wooden slats. Metal profiles, are following tipes. 1 u shaped, 2 c shaped.​ 

1 2     Getting Started. First of all, we need to make a frame made from u shaped guide profile. To do this put marks on all parts of the walls using water level.

You will need an assistant to hold the end of the hose to the water level, and make a mark. The other end, keep the other side of the wall, put a mark. And thus, perform the work on all parts of the walls. After fastened u shaped profile on the wall. With the preforator, make a few holes in the wall and fasten u shaped profile, using the plug with scr.

We need them to fasten to the c shaped profiles. They are fastened together with screws.

  After, to strengthen on the ceiling brackets.

Now we need to extend a string, to check the accuracy of the frame.

Next, fasten the plinth on profile.


After, we finished doing frame of the profiles, proceed on fixing PVC panel on the frame itself, with the help of screw screws.

Finally, the last steps will be in, to attach the last panel PVC. For, it must be customized. Cutting off with building knife PVC panel customize it to get the size of the wall.

 Place lamps can be cut by a knife.

That's all. PVC ceiling panels ready.   

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