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Home repairs.

Wednesday, 26.06.2019, 22:49

Hello dear visitors of our website, I am Samir. I am 32 years old. Born in Russia, Irkutsk village. Moved with parents in Azerbaijan. Since we live here in Baku. .I finished university. In the specialty traffic management, and operations. I work not on a specialty. Nestled at the plant in 2008, and is still work here. Prior to that, I worked at the train station. Then there was a slight increase, from an operator on “vesavschik”. The current work in May, is considered well-paid. Here, I have learned the repair of masonry bricks, before installation PVC panels. At this plant, was the restoration work, which was attended by all employees, including by myself. Helping the masters, I realized that the, I can to perform certain work not worse than themselves masters. Since then, I have learned the repair .began make repairs at home. Then began to help friends, acquaintances. Over time, man develop the skills in the case.  And now I have decided to help people board, show the tricks of repair. How can to make the faster and clean repairs with their own hands. Oh, and save some money realties. I think this site will help you find a lot of interesting, cope with homework. It is only necessary to understand the case, and carefully read the article on the case.  That's it, good luck, thank you all. 

Address:  Baku city, village of Qizil-das.

e-mail:   samir.ferecov84bk.com@gmail.com

skype:   Ferecov Samir.